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High-Pressure Water Jet Services in Covington

Keep Your Drains & Sewers Flowing Smoothly with Hydro jetting

When people think about plumbing, most only think about getting fresh water into your property – that is, until the sewer main is clogged and backing up. Only then do people remember that bringing the wastewater away from the system is the other half of the equation.

Our modern sewer systems do so much for our society that goes unnoticed. Under normal circumstances, our drains quickly move wastewater away so that we aren’t continually exposed to the odors and pathogens that are associated with sewage. At Goodbee Plumbing Inc., we have over 25 years of experience keeping drains unclogged and running freely. Our team can provide you with high-quality Covington high-pressure water jetting services to get your drains back to normal. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we have the skills to serve you.

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When Do You Need Water Jet Service?

During regular use, drains and sewer lines do a lot of work. Drains and sewers must be able to handle all of the waste that your home or business throws at them. In a household, drains are dealing with hair, soap scum, kitchen grease, food waste, and everything that goes down the commode. Over time, deposits build up on the inside walls of the pipes that make up your drain system. As the deposits grow, the drains’ flow is diminished, and the conditions for clogs are perfect. When drains start to run slow, gurgle or back up entirely, it’s time for them to get a fresh start with hydro jetting.

How Is This Method Better?

Over the years, there have been many methods developed to deal with clogged drains and dirty sewer lines, but high-pressure water jetting has become the most effective method for dealing with stubborn clogs.

Toxic drain cleaning chemicals that are available on store shelves are usually the first attempt at drain cleaning for the average property owner. However, the chemicals are dangerous and can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. Drain cleaners are usually very corrosive and, as a result, can quickly corrode metal pipes.

Mechanical pipe snakes are safer for your plumbing system than chemical cleaners. But mechanical snakes can be dangerous to use for untrained people, and usually, they don’t completely remove the underlying cause of chronic sewer clogs.

Hydrojetting is a process where a high-pressure water line is inserted into the drain or sewer line. The hose’s tip has a nozzle that directs high-pressure water forward into the clog and sideways onto the walls of the pipe. This process not only knocks out the clog but leaves the pipe walls as clean as the day they were installed. Hydrojetting, when performed by a trained professional, is also totally safe for all plumbing types.

The Goodbee Advantage

If you are experiencing issues with slow-moving drains, call the drain cleaning experts at Goodbee Plumbing Inc. in Covington. Our workmanship is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Most of our services are even available the same day you call. We are proud to serve both residential and commercial customers. Take the hassle out of clogged drains and let the professionals at Goodbee Plumbing get your pipes moving again!

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