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How to Hire a Good Plumber

How do you hire a good plumber? A good plumber will give you affordable, long-lasting solutions. Ensure you can trust your plumber with you. When you hire a good plumber, get the job done the first time. Look for these green flags in good plumbers and avoid these red flags. 

Green Flags to Look For in a Good Plumber

Tackling home improvement projects yourself can be stressful and dangerous. It is not always the most cost-effective option when there are risks involved. A DIY project might provide a quick fix, but working with a professional can give you a long-term solution. Refer to a professional to handle the issue adequately, efficiently, and skillfully. Here are 4 things you should have on your checklist when you are looking to hire a good plumber.

Licensed and Insured

Right off the bat, ask your plumber if they are licensed. Although not all states require licensure, Louisiana plumbers must undergo specific education requirements and gather years of experience. In Louisiana, acquiring a plumbing license means developing the proper hands-on skills to care for your needs. 

In addition, confirm that your plumber is both insured and bonded. If so, you won’t be legally responsible if the plumber runs into issues while fixing a problem in your home or for plumber injuries. With minor issues, you might think that saving an extra buck is cost-effective. However, hiring a handyman risks injury, faulty recommendations, and repeated procedures. Save yourself from the hassle by hiring a licensed plumber–it’s worth the cost. 

Warranty or Guarantee Offered

Without a guarantee, you might have to pay twice to fix one problem. Although it’s not common, some plumbing jobs may require professionals to return to fix or improve an original or additional issue. 

If your plumber didn’t get it right the first time, a warranty or guarantee ensures that your plumber will be back to address the problem–without the costly hassle. A plumber’s guarantee should be formal and not have too many exceptions. Offering a guarantee signals to the customer that they mean business. 

Clear Estimate and Fees

As a customer, remember that it is your plumber’s job to work for you. It is a good idea to be aware of your plumber’s pricing structure before you hire them. The last thing you want at the end of the day is to be surprised by excess fees that they didn’t include in the estimate. 

Check to see if your plumber offers video inspections. For example, if you have a pipe issue, a camera with fiber optics will enter and run through the pipes to pinpoint damages or blockages. This procedure is fast, non-invasive, and allows for reduced labor and time needed to fix your issue. In addition, video inspections will help your plumber price the repair cost more fairly and accurately, saving you from surprise costs that can accumulate when you don’t have enough information.

Positive Community Referrals 

Ask your friends and family about their experiences with local plumbing companies. Referrals are most reliable through word of mouth. Readily accessible testimonials are also a good sign that you can put your trust in a company. If neither of these are something you come across, ask your plumber for a list of satisfied customer references. These customers should be recent. 

Don’t rely on a Google search. Instead, check up on these references by calling them to ask questions that are relevant to you. For example, what kind of project did they get done? How did the company communicate with them? Would they hire this plumber again? Calling a plumbing supply or fixture store can give you some helpful answers. 

Red Flags to Look Out 

If you are missing a few of these green flags, it may be time to find a new plumber. Unfortunately, you can be taken advantage of by hiring the wrong plumber and left with shabby work. Before giving you an estimate on a quote, your plumber should see the job. Although ballparks may be thrown around initially, it takes an in-person visit to acquire an accurate job assessment. 

Recognize scare tactics. Scammers might blow your issue out of proportion by focusing on the problem instead of the solution. They require payments upfront. A professional contractor will ensure you are satisfied with a complete job before asking for payment. 

Phone solicitations are also something to be wary of. Plumbers who offer phone solicitations might offer great deals, only to arrive and sell you on a different plumbing issue. As a result, what started as a free inspection can suddenly become a need for additional replacements and services you never planned. 

Hire a Good Plumber with Goodbee Plumbing

With Goodbee plumbing, you can rest assured that all your boxes will be ticked on your plumbing checklist. Most of our services are available to happen on the same day, and our workmanship is 100% guaranteed

As a family-owned and locally-operated company, we are committed to excellence in customer service. As a result, we offer the fairest, most cost-effective plumbing solutions from our family to yours. 

There is no job that is too big or too small! Our friendly, professional team works to ensure that we get the job done right the first time. Need plumbing repairs, replacement, installation, or maintenance? Call Goodbee Plumbing today for a phone estimate! In fact, keep us on speed dial for when you have an urgent request or just want to schedule a routine maintenance check. Our team is devoted to being more than just your trusted plumbing experts—you become an extended part of our family for life when you place your plumbing needs in our care.

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