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Pipes are not so scary!

So, how many of you have ever wondered about pipes? I suppose the answer may vary depending on who is reading this, but not many people I know really care about what goes on with their pipes…so long as everything is in working order. However, understanding your pipes can be very helpful for many reasons. One really important reason would be money…saving money that is. Who doesn’t want to save money? I know I do.

So let me break down the plumbing pipes in your house for you so the next time you have an issue you won’t feel so lost. Perhaps you can even prevent an issue from occurring in the first place…that’s where the saving money comes into play. To you, it may seem as though your tub, toilet, sink, dishwasher, and washing machine are all its own entity when it comes to their pipes, but believe it or not, they are all completely and utterly connected. Let me explain; your tub(s), toilet(s), sink(s), dishwasher, and washing machine all have a 2 inch drain pipe (size may vary, but typically it’s a 2 inch pipe) that is connected to each fixture. Every time you flush your toilet, run your sink, run your shower, wash your dishes, or wash your clothes that water passes through a 2 inch pipe for a few feet, but then eventually they all meet up with a larger 4 inch pipe…which is called your sewer line. So basically if you flush something you’re not supposed to down your toilet (too much toilet paper, paper towels, sanitary napkins, etc..), you fail to clean those pesky hairs out of your tub after washing your beautiful locks (which how are women not bald by the way?), if your husband or brother have a Duck Dynasty beard going on for “No Shave November” and in December decides to shave it off and wash it ALL down the sink, or if your little bundle of joy throws one of his/her beloved toys down any of the above named fixtures…it doesn’t necessarily only effect that fixture. It could potentially run the risk of something way more serious than just that clogged pipe…you could get a sewer backup (You know that larger 4 inch pipe that all the 2 inchers meet up with later). Needless to say, if you hear your tub gurgling, if your toilet is not flushing, or if anything is backing up into your tub or sink (yes, it is exactly what you think) then it might not just be that one fixture you have to worry about…it might be an even bigger problem….that big 4 inch bully. So, take all necessary precaution to avoid a clogged drain or sewer back up, but if one plagues you anyway…we’re just a phone call away.

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