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How Does Hydro Jetting Work

How does hydro jetting work? If you’ve had a clogged drain, you’ve probably seen hydro jetting as a solution for clearing it, but how does it work? Essentially, plumbers will pump water at high pressure through the pipes to clear a clogged drain. The water pressure forces the clog to continue through the lines and clears any issues better than most clogged drain solutions. 

If you have recurring clogs in your bathroom or kitchen or notice that your kitchen sink is starting to smell, you may need hydro jetting. If you’ve never experienced a clog before, your problem likely isn’t chronic, and you should try these top clogged drain solutions from experts. These solutions are natural and won’t cause damage to your pipes or the environment like typical drain cleaners would. Other signs you may need hydro jetting are slow draining pipes, an increased water bill (which indicates leaking), and noisy pipes.

Keep reading to learn more about how does hydro jetting work and its benefits.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work: Explained

Hydro jetting should not be used whenever you have a clog. This service can be somewhat costly and should be reserved for homes with continuing clogs or build-up problems. Hydro jetting uses tools to push high-pressure water through your plumbing system and break up anything in your pipes. Never try to attempt hydro jetting on your own. Hydro jetting is a very technical process that should only be completed by a professional. Trying to do this on your own may cause severe damage to your plumbing system.

When you call Goodbee Plumbing to have your pipes inspected, one of our technicians will do a thorough examination to ensure your lines can handle the pressure of the water. If your pipes have any damage to them or are old, hydro jetting could increase or cause damage. The water pressure is so high that it could easily blow a hole in an already shoddy pipe. Once they determine that your pipes are strong enough, they’ll insert a hose into your plumbing system and pump water at an appropriate pressure. 

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

There are many benefits to hydro jetting instead of using other clogged drain solutions. If you’ve had chronic clogged pipes, hydro jetting is your best option. Though it can be higher in cost than typical clogged drain solutions like snaking, hydro jetting gives you longer-lasting results and is more efficient than other solutions. 


When people have a clogged drain, they often use a drain snake or an auger to try and clear the clog. While this is effective, an auger may not clear up your problem as well as hydro jetting can. Yes, if used correctly, an auger will clear a clogged drain, but it will not alleviate the chronic problems that hydro jetting can. While snaking a drain may seem more efficient because you can do it yourself, you’re likely only partially fixing the problem. In the case of chronic clogs, snaking the drain is only a band-aid on the wound. With hydro jetting, you can have your entire system cleared out in just an hour. With other solutions, you may have to repeat the process if the clogged drain affects multiple pipes. When you choose hydro jetting, you choose efficiency. 


There are many ways to clear a drain, but none are as precise and thorough as hydro jetting. A drain snake will clear out a clog, but it won’t clear out grease build-up, soap scum, and other miscellaneous things that can end up in your pipes. Snaking your drain can also be dangerous to do on your own, and in addition to not being as precise as hydro jetting, you can also end up causing damage to your pipes. Save yourself time and energy and be accurate with hydro jetting.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydro jetting is more environmentally friendly than other clogged drain solutions, as mentioned earlier. Typical clogged drain products such as Drano or Liquid Plumr contain harsh chemicals that damage your pipes and harm the environment. These products are sold as “quick fix” solutions, but they do more harm than good. Those “quick fix” solutions are filled with corrosive chemicals that slowly eat away at your pipes the more you use them. They will clear a clog, but the cost will be your entire plumbing system. Hydro jetting is as it sounds and only uses water and pressure to unclog your pipes. There are no added chemicals to cause damage to your home or the earth. 

Long-Lasting Results 

Hydro jetting provides long-lasting results. Just an hour out of your day will leave you with clean and clear pipes and not causing any problems in your home. This process will leave your pipes as clean as they were when they were installed. No other clogged drain solution can guarantee that. The effectiveness of hydro jetting can last as long as six months. If you’re relying on store-bought products, you’ll likely be pouring it down your drain at least once a week or once every two weeks, which will, unfortunately, cause harm to your pipes and not solve your problem. If you want a solution that is worth the price, hydro jetting is the solution for you.

Don’t Delay Call Goodbee Plumbing Today!

Now that you know the answer to “how does hydro jetting work,” you need to know who to call, and that’s Goodbee Plumbing. Goodbee Plumbing has over 25 years of experience, and we’ve earned our reliable reputation. We’ve been serving the area for a while, and we know the typical problems homeowners face. That’s why we’re best suited for the job. If you need help, never hesitate to contact us. For many of our services, same-day service is available. Chronically clogged drains can be a problem, but they don’t have to be your problem. Choose hydro jetting and reset your plumbing problems today!

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